About Rock Steady Boxing The Woodlands

General Information about Rock Steady Boxing
For prospective fighters/family/volunteers

Rock Steady Boxing is the first non-contact boxing program of its kind in the country dedicated to people with Parkinson’s disease. There are now over 400 affiliates in the U.S.

You are welcome to observe a class to see if Rock Steady is right for you. Classes are held on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. The more intense classes begin at 11:15 &12:45 and the modified class begins at 2:15. This is a an opportunity to learn more about the class routine and ask questions after class.

1) Assessments are required prior to participation. Please schedule with Kelli Canny at 281-381-0427. The price for an assessment is $45 and takes approximately one hour. Your assessment will determine which class you attend.

2) Currently, boxing classes cost $80 per month (for 2x/week). Payment is due by the by the 3rd of each month.

3) Please purchase your hand wraps and boxing gloves prior to attending classes. Boxing gloves/gel wraps sold at Academy or online.